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Cat Wars

Cat Wars
Play Cat Wars For Free


Cat Wars unblocked is an Arcade game about cats. For the cat lovers, they will love this game. The purpose of Cat Wars free online is to help you become better at maths. Your math skills will be tested and challenged through various stages of the game.

You take control of a hungry cat in this title trying to eat sausages and beat all other cats controlled by other players. However, it’s not simple to grab and eat sausages. You have to answer a series of math questions in the least amount of time possible for having a chance to consume sausages. If you give a correct answer, you will beat other cats and make yourself much stronger. Hence, try your hardest to earn a lot of correct answers to power up yourself. Hen, you will have a higher chance to win over other cats. After a math question has been solved, the sausages can be tugged towards your side a little bit closer, and other cats cannot catch those sausages. As you progress, the toughness of the math questions will be more increased, which means you have to be quick to solve them all. When you eat up all the sausages in the game, you will become the ultimate victor with the best math skills. Sounds so fun, right? Come play Cat Wars free game right now! Much fun!

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