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Raft Wars Multiplayer

Raft Wars Multiplayer
Play Raft Wars Multiplayer For Free


Raft Wars Multiplayer free online game is a multiplayer version of the classic Raft Wars game that you may have played before. The game opens a new epic raft battle between skilled opponents. Just like the classic Raft Wars games that were made by Martijn Kunst and about two brothers trying to defeat enemies for defending their treasure, this time, in this new title, you will meet these brothers and help them conquer a new battle.

Get your skills ready for the mission in Raft Wars Multiplayer unblocked! You and your brother Simon must be well-prepared for the battle against opponents trying to take your treasure away. Two teams are equipped with rafts. From your raft, you can aim and launch powerful shots to deal damage to the raft of the opponent team. You can expect that they will deal their shots to you, so you’d better protect your raft and avoid taking damage from them. You are allowed to set the angle, charge up an attack and then launch it. By doing so, you will have a more accurate shot and secure a chance of winning. Victory will go to the team that kills all members of the other team. Make sure you stick with your brother, work together, and support each other to become the winning team. Are you ready for it? Have fun playing Raft Wars multiplayer free online game!

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