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Kogama: 4 War

Kogama: 4 War
Play Kogama: 4 War For Free


With Kogama 4 War unblocked, you can have your skills tested through crazy matches with different challenges. Do you want to become the best shooter in the arena? If yes, you must eliminate all of your opponents in this title and prove your worth. Kogama 4 War online is one of the best shooting games and the new chapter in the Kogama series. In this title, you don’t play alone yourself but you play with a team and have to work together with your teammates so as to fight off the enemies from the opposing team. The game features a wide array of weapons you can use for the fight, including shotguns, pistols, and machine guns. Although they are powerful weapons, you still need to use them smartly so you can deal more damage to your enemies and get an edge over them. As you fight, keep in mind that teamwork is the key to your success. This means you must get support from your teammates and support them back to beat the rival team. Each team has their own base! For the enemy base, try to sneak into it and sneak upon your rivals to defeat them. At the same time, you must prevent them from getting into your base. The main objective here is to make your team the winning team. Play Kogama 4 War free game online!

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